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Skills can randomly unlearn?

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Skills can randomly unlearn?

Postby Fury » Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:44 am

I just died on my cl/wa/th because I missed two bashes on a mage. I didn't think anything of it except then i missed 6 more in a row after that death, without any learning. I type "check bash" and it responds with... you don't know that skill. I'm like.. wut. I was learned in it before I rented last.. so I head back to SD and hit up the warrior gm and... [1] bash (not learned)

I've re-learned it, and that appears to be the only skill that I lost.. but at least the xp hole is on a character a few levels away from Medium (Cailan)
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Re: Skills can randomly unlearn?

Postby Maxum » Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:18 am

There was a bug in the 'learn from mistake' code that caused Half-Orc and Orc skills to act funny for a bit.
This has been fixed, but not yet uploaded to the server (soon.)

Under normal circumstances it is still possible to unlearn a skill, but it is rare.
For example, if you start as an elf thief, you will gain 3-4 skills naturally due to racial bonuses (+5 to backstab, etc).
You would lose these if you chose to reincarnate without first improving them.
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Re: Skills can randomly unlearn?

Postby Fury » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:54 am

I definitely experienced the odd behavior. The first time that I learned from mistake with bash on that character, it went from poor/fair to "now learned in this skill". I knew that was funky, but having the skill suddenly not be there at all was rather eye opening when a mage toasted me. LOL Interesting note on the racial skill bonuses. It would be nice to see a list posted somewhere of what all of the current racial skill and attributes bonuses are, as well as the racial stat maxes, etc.

Side note: It would have been nice to have had a warning in game that the quest items would be personalized with your name upon purchase, and that if you are polymorphed, it will personalize them with the polymorph form instead of just your name. xD
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