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Alignment restrictions

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Alignment restrictions

Postby Maxum » Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:26 am

The alignment restrictions for Dr/Ra combos are pretty tight as they are currently.
With regards to game play or balance, there is no reason why these can't move a bit.

Currently for druid you will lose a level if you stray by more than 425 away from true neutral (0), this seems reasonable.
You will receive a message if your alignment change is moving away from zero (ie from -100 to -110)
A lack of faith warning at +-150
A mend your ways warning at +-275
Turned into a cleric at +-600

Rangers are turned into warrior at -350
Receive the beware message any time alignment change is negative
A lack of faith warning at 500
A mend your ways warning at 0

Ra/Dr needs to stay between -350 and +600, and will nearly always receive a warning message of some sort.

Possible options:
We could extend the alignment restrictions to the outer limit, ie -600 to +1000.
Apply just one restriction (Ranger or Druid - player choice).
Make adjustments to amount of alignment change per kill.
Add a command to set the severity for messages shown:
3 = show all messages
2 = show lack of faith or worse messages
1 = show mend your ways messages
0 = show no messages.

Or something else?
Any thoughts?
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Re: Alignment restrictions

Postby luna_sexton » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:14 pm

Happy New Year Everyone.

I feel setting up a command is a good idea, though it might not be used by beginners. If we add a help file or two, and adjust the "See Also" in the help files
to point toward the AlignSeverity command then that might help people learn to use the command.

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Re: Alignment restrictions

Postby Zax » Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:49 pm

Glad I found this thread. I just started playing a Dr/Ra (should be Ra/Dr :P) and though I'm pretty experienced, I was initially overwhelmed by all the warning messages I was receiving. It got so bad I soon had no idea what alignment mob I should kill next. But then I found salvation in the "know alignment" spell. I checked my alignment to see where I was on the alignment scale and then killed accordingly. I did this after every kill until I got to about lvl 25 when I could go a few kills before having to check my alignment. I still use "know alignment' at lvl 40 after killing some number of higher level mobs of the same alignment

At any rate, using 'know alignment' much made the class easily playable for me. Maybe some hints could be added in the Help File entries for Druids, Rangers, and Spell Know Alignment for player of this class. I'd be happy to write them up if the immorts wish me to. Also, maybe a warning could be added during character creation stating that his class should only be played by experienced players.

As to Maxum's suggestions, I would just leave things as they are. From a game viewpoint, I see the messages as reflecting the internal conflict a Dr/Ra must deal with. His Ranger side compels him to promote "goodness" while his Druidic responsibilities require the he maintain the balance between good and evil. The constant messages are his conflicted conscious nagging at him. It's the price one pays for choosing this somewhat conflicting character class.

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