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PENDING: Upcoming Changes

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:55 pm
by Patches

General Fixes
  • Adrenalize can be failed properly.
  • Canibalize can now be performed successfully.
  • Strength items are now properly applied when at racial maximum.
  • Strength items are now properly applied when polymorphed.

  • Your severity level is now the proper severity.

Local News

Bugbear Military Academy
  • Apparently, thick coke-bottle glasses were invented before Coke. At least capitalization was corrected.
Luck o' the Leprechaun
  • Door locks in the area have been certified as being of the highest quality.
Port Miramor
  • Tourists have been instructed to be a bit more clear when trying to get your attention from far away.
  • Cory investigated for selling complimentary bread. They were tagged "Not For Resale" for a reason. He is now selling cheese loaf to make amends.
  • Sticks and Staves will stop pushing their expensive potion of extra healing ahead of the standard potion of healing after a little chat from the trade commission.
  • An open faced helm now correctly hangs on a hook.
The Graveyard
  • The Choir Dressing Room description now has the appropriate carriage return.