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Identify spell

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Identify spell

Postby Maxum » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:54 am

A long time ago (in the 90's) identify used to show weapon damage as Vs small and large for some weapons, but not all.
Code: Select all
Damage 3d4 vs. small, 3d3 vs. large

At a later date, the display was changed to show just the one output for damage.

This was only picked up when someone was comparing identify results with what was showing in the mud compared to Curiosities site.
I can't remember who spotted it, but good spotting.

Some time in the late 90's new code, and a new file was added that affected how weapons did damage, and identify code was shortened to simplify how it was displayed.
The display no longer showed damage versus small or large, just one number. This number is what is stored for the item, as it's base damage.

When we followed through this code, we discovered that weapons still do different damage, based on small or large targets, one handed or two-handed.
The code is quite complex (more than it needs to be) and does not appear to really add anything to the game, except making things more complicated.
Changing it either way is going to be quite time consuming, and of-course, takes time away from making other changes or updates.

With that in mind, we have updated both the spell identify, and the immortal command stat to show 'actual' weapon damages as used in the combat routines.
We haven't changed how the damages are calculated in over ten years, we are just making all of this information available to players.

There will probably be some more changes in the near future to make this information display easier and neater.

As this appears, we would like some feedback as to if it really adds anything to the game, and if we should work to remove it or not.
Also, any speculation as to why this actually exists would be welcome.
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Re: Identify spell

Postby Zax » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:02 pm

"identify" and "stat" have been updated to show damage levels for both large and small mobs.
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