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Quest Shoppe

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:24 pm
by Zax
I'm loving the Quest Shoppe. Have already spent I don't know how man 10s of millions of gold procuring both goods and services there. Had planned a long post detailing suggested price scaling for current services offered and suggesting new services to be added but decided to just post a notional price list here and let the discussion go from there (changes in bold):

QPs Service: Service Description:

1 restring: A token redeemable to the Gods for a restring.
2 ansi restring: A token redeemable to the Gods for a colored restring.

3 spell: Add a spell-effect to an item (Flag item as RARE):
True sight, sense life, spy, or detect evil, good, or magic to EYES, HEAD item
Invisibility, darkness, or protection from evil to BODY, ABOUT item
Fly or travelling to FEET, ABOUT item

5 rejuvination: Restore your body to its starting age.
5 bonus: Increase your hitpoints by 10 points. (limit to +150/#of classes)
5 modify <weapon>: Modify the <hitroll> or <damage> by +1 on your weapon.
5 modify <armor>: Modify the <ac> or <saves> on your armor by -10 or -1 (Limit to -30AC and -3SV total)

5 sneak: Add SNEAK to FEET, ABOUT item (Flag item as RARE)
5 hide: Add HIDE to BODY, ABOUT item (Flag item as RARE)

8 resist: Add physical resist to an item:
Blunt, Slash, Pierce, Fire, Energy, Cold, Electricity, Acid, Drain, or Hold to BODY, ABOUT, SHIELD item (Flag item as RARE)
Sleep or Charm to EYES, HEAD, ABOUT item (Flag item as RARE)

10 immune: Add immunity to an item:
Drain, Poison, or Hold to BODY, ABOUT item (Flag item as RARE)
Sleep or Charm to EYES, HEAD, ABOUT item
(Flag item as RARE)

10 enhance <stat>: Raise the chosen ability by 1.

Re: Quest Shoppe

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:45 pm
by Zax
Just to get the discussion started then...Yes, I realize the list includes most everything one would want in a kit. That's the idea. One thing this list would help address is the desire for more highly sought-after maxxed items to load. Now players would have the opportunity to purchase the attributes they most desire from those maxxed items.

And yes, for the cost of about 150M gold one could equip a totally resist/immune all PC with sneak, spy, hide, TS, Invis, sense-life, etc. from scratch without leaving the Quest Shoppe. But I doubt anyone would actually go to the trouble of all that. At most someone might spend 100M or so to become resist/immune all physical.

Even so, if this is still too much, we can limit the number of effects, resists, and/or immunities any one item is allowed to have (the list already limits which item locations can be affected).

Probably also need to add a magic flag or somehow else restrict what can be added to Barbarian only equipment.

As for the scaling of prices for current services, these are what seem more reasonable to me. Your mileage may vary by the rate at which you are able to accumulate gold compared to mine.

Anyway, I'm sure those who are much more knowledgeable about the game, game balance, and ease/difficulty of gold accumulation can provide better insight into these suggestion than I can. I promise to not take anything personal. :mrgreen: