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Telekinesis - Unable to start combat

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Telekinesis - Unable to start combat

Postby luna_sexton » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:58 am

I was enlightened tonight that psionists can not start a fight with a TK.
I believe we used to be able to start fights with this ability.
There might be an issue with the command, and it will need to be looked at.
I know that Drongo is on vacation, but this is on the list to look at.

I enjoy psis, and the quest items definitely provide them an ability to tank more and be good ALT-HG's.

Thanks for pointing this out.
You can not enter a room and back up TK a dragon for an HG, or TK so a smaller warrior can rescue.

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Re: Telekinesis - Unable to start combat

Postby Glenn » Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:13 pm

Yeah, it's not even that we can't start a fight with tk. One of the uses of a psi (they only have a few) is to bash huge things while having someone else tank, they really shined when someone could lure a huge mob and the psi could spam tk. As it stands not only can't you start a fight with tk, if someone walks into a room and attacks or lures a mob out the psi has to assist before they can attempt to tk the target. That amount of time is going to at least kill the tank, if not the whole party. I switched to a Half-Giant, but I feel like my psi has just become useless.
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