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Quest Items/Quest Shoppe/Quest Points FYI

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Quest Items/Quest Shoppe/Quest Points FYI

Postby luna_sexton » Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:03 am

Couple of easy Questions and Answers!

Where is the Quest Shoppe?

- The Quest Shoppe is located south and up from Stoal in Shadowdale. East of there is a Golem who sells rare, and unique items for quest points.

What are Quest Points, and How do I get them?

- Quest points are a type of currency that are rewarded by gods for completion of special events, or arena wins (When there are enough to have a competitive fight).
- Quest points can also be bought in the zone Shadows of the City (Beneath Port Mir) for 1 million gold. With rent being low, this shouldn't be a struggle for higher
end players.

Why Quest Items? What is the point?

- Quest items have been around for years, but need some tweaking. Most items were not comparable to adept zone items, thus no one wanted to purchase them.
- Quest items have unique abilities that will add flavor for players wanting to enjoy GNS mud after they have explored most of the zones. Some items allow abilities
that are accessible to single class players. This will hopefully intrigue some players to try out single class characters, or other classes that are rarely played.
- Some items are very unique and will only be used by level 45 or above. Some are Single Class. Please check or ask if you have any questions.

What about low level quest items, or utility items?

- This is something we want to do in the future. We will see how the quest items work out, then create a new vendor that levels 1-20 can use. We may use a new currency/quest currency for lower levels that will be easier to be achieved. This is all a work in progress.

What now?

- Find a few quest items you want to get, and start finding monster that have high amounts of gold.
- Grab a friend and kill some dragons! They always have gold!
- Find a vendor and sell your Spoils of War!
- Grab a maxxed item that is loading through our new loading rates, and post it to sell for gold!

What else does the Quest Shoppe offer?

- The Quest Shoppe also offers other options to add flavor to your character.
- Type check to see the list of Options.
- Restring (Change name of object)
- Color Restring (Add Ansi color)
- Bonus - (Add 10 hit points)
- Modify Weapon (Add +1 hit or +1 damage to a weapon)
- Rejuvination (Reset Age)
- Modify Armor (Add -10 armor or -1 saves to item type armor)
- Enhance Stat (Enhance a players stat by +1 up to racial max)

What can I do with these options?
- You can restring an item to make it your own.
- You can modify an item, and restring it to make it very unique to the mud.
- You can modify very rare items, and put them up for sale!
- You can haste the day away!

Are we done? Can I go play?
- Yes! Have fun. Ask questions, and post on the Forum often!

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