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Chaotic Aura - Random Quest Points on Monsters!

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Chaotic Aura - Random Quest Points on Monsters!

Postby luna_sexton » Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:54 pm

The gods of Faerun have provided new ways for adventurers to acquire quest points to spend at the quest shoppe!
Exploring will now be rewarded! There will be a chance that upon entering a zone a monster will be imbued with a Chaotic Aura that will be visible to players. This will be randomly placed on one monster in that zone. Monsters with this aura will provide the player that kills it with one quest point.
Be aware that if you have a pet, and that pet kills the monster, the pet will be imbued with the aura. You will have to kill your pet to acquire the quest point.
We will be testing this for a few weeks at a higher rate of a quest point appearing on a monster so that we can gather data about how often players find the “Chaotic Aura” monsters.

Quick Guide – Chaotic Aura Quest Points

What is Happening?

There is a low percentage chance a monster will load with a quest point that you can receive if you kill it.


Every time a zone is initialized (opened or repop)

What can I do with quest points?

Spend them at the Quest Shoppe. Upgrading your character or buying quest items.

Where is the quest shoppe.

From stoal (innkeeper) south, up, 2 east.

What can you do at the Quest Shoppe.

· 1 qp restring A token redeemable to the Gods for a restring.
· 2 qp ansi A token redeemable to the Gods for a colored restring.
· 3 qp vitality Increase your moves by 10 points.
· 5 qp mana Increase your mana by 10 points.
· 6 qp youth Restore your body to its starting age.
· 8 qp hps Increase your hitpoints by 10 points.
· 8 qp enhance <weapon> Modify the <hitroll> or <damage> by +1 on your weapon.
· 9 qp enhance <armor> Modify the <ac> or <saves> on your armor by -10 or -1.
· 10 qp stats <stat> Raise the chosen ability by 1.

The Master of the Quest Shoppe will reward worthy adventurers with items
or special and unique gifts. One can List to get a list of equipment
he has available to Buy and their cost. To obtain stats on quest equipment, one can
Look at <class>-items (e.g. look paladin-items). For the special gifts,
one can Check and then Order anything on the menu.”
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