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Ideas Implemented 6 Sep 2019

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Ideas Implemented 6 Sep 2019

Postby Zax » Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:43 pm

The following changes were released to the play site on 6 Sep 2019. Most of these were ideas submitted by players...

-Skills and spells are now listed in order of level learned for "study" and "skills" commands.

-Sea-elves and telepaths can now command pets under water and other silenced rooms.

-Spy skill now shows under "ATTribute" command when in effect.

-Spell-affect "hide" equipment now work as intended.
(Wearer will auto-hide all the time, just like sneak items have always worked.)

-The Quest Shop now offers mana and movement bonuses for purchase.

-Failed doorbash lag is a bit less onerous for higher level PCs.

-Kick lag was changed to match bash lag except...

-Monks now experience only one round of lag for kicks regardless of success

-The curse spell can now be cast in combat and will auto-target your combat opponent.

-The spell "create water" now indicates when a container is full.

-Looking into a container will tell you how full it is.

-Blade Barrier and Chillshield now show up in prompts if the %S prompt option is chosen.
(Similar to how Sanc, FS, and other affects can be shown. See "help prompt")

-Blade Barrier and chillshield now show in color when in affect.

-Several new color outputs have been implemented for some spells and affects. These may be seen by looking in a room, looking at a PC or mob, or as messages during combat and/or spell casting.

-Hunger and thirst conditions are reset to full after 24 hrs of real-life in rent.

-Updated some kick messages to prevent conflicting messages.

-Lots and lots of underlying code cleanup.
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Re: Ideas Implemented 6 Sep 2019

Postby Mercedes » Tue Jan 21, 2020 12:29 am

I have to say that the changes are noticeable and important. It gives the MUD an air of promise to see things updated now and then.

Well done!
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