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Greetings, salutations and a suggestion

PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:19 pm
by Dalker

I seem to be the newest member of this forum and of gnsmud - spotted there as Agalar the Psionist as well as on several experimental builds, including a possibly more permanent drow mage-thief and a half-elf ranger-druid.

Thank you to the friendly and helpful imms / oldbies -- notably Ajax/Zax/*ax for solving the light-inventory-slot bug that was there when I first logged in (and for lots of general help / hints / etc...).

Tiny suggestion already given in-game: it would be great to have a functional Druid trainer in Phlan, the hometown of half-elves (the only ones to be able to do some druid multiclass combinations). The current Ranger trainer there is supposed to also be a Druid trainer, but only shows Ranger skills/spells if queried as a dual-class Ranger-Druid (I guess dual-trainers aren't really coded to work with dual-class PCs properly).