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Hear me out. I'd like to multiplay.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:28 am
by Mercedes
I fully admit that I don't understand the original thought behind no multiplaying. It works very nicely on other MUDs I've visited, particularly those that don't have multiclasses. Perhaps it was something to do with bandwidth and connections but those limitations would be greatly diminished by modern computing capabilities, right?

Like I said, I don't understand.

What I do know, is I'm the only player on for much of the night. Right now, there isn't even a Fae bot.

When someone logs on, I ALWAYS drop the second toon and ask to group. That's just social politeness.

There are a lot of non cl/wa class combos to enjoy although they were designed for group play in mind. Let me play two connections, please.

/edit: we can call it an experiment.