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Monk Level Progression

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Monk Level Progression

Postby Zax » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:05 pm

A suggestion based on feedback from player Meesa:

The level progression for monks seem a bit out of whack from lvl 45 through 50. Here is the current progression chart:

[45] 27000000-30000000 : Grand Master of Harmony
[46] 30000000-45000000 : Grand Master of the Body
[47] 45000000-50000000 : Grand Master of the Mind
[48] 50000000-55000000 : Lord of the Body
[49] 55000000-60000000 : Lord of the Mind
[50] 60000000-200000000 : Lord Grand Master

Note the xp deltas for each level:

45 to 46, delta = 3M xp
46 to 47, delta = 15M xp
47 to 48, delta = 5M xp
48 to 49, delta = 5M xp
49 to 50, delta = 5M xp

I'm not seeing any special skills or abilities occurring at level 47 to warrant a 15M xp delta needed to achieve that level.

I suggest the monk level progression be brought in line with the level progression for thieves.
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Re: Monk Level Progression

Postby Maxum » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:27 am

It is interesting isn't it?
Doesn't look like a typo but that is the only place it varies from thief.
I agree it should be matched.
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