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Trailing Spaces

We want to hear your ideas on how to improve the game!
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Trailing Spaces

Postby Patches » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:06 am

[Noone] tells you 'you might want to consider a Trim command in the command parser, to strip extra
You tell Noone 'I wasn't aware of a problem in the game code... however the clients can be picky if
you don't do your aliases right.'
[Noone] tells you 'I was just copying the language common string from the study lsit, and it failed
because it copied a space on the end'
[Noone] tells you 'may not be a big issue'
You tell Noone 'adding to bug list. it shouldn't matter.'
[Noone] tells you 'wahts it coded in? I took a look at the dalemud git repository looking around for
details :)'
You tell Noone 'You have access to the repository?'
[Noone] tells you 'theres an open git from 2 years ago, but its pretty stripped down, it also use an
alias of sillymud, but you can see the similarities'
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