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Mounts at Golothaer cannot be ridden

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Mounts at Golothaer cannot be ridden

Postby Dalker » Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:41 pm

Some towns have mounts available, very useful when planning to travel far out of one's hometown (they preserve your movement points). For example horses from Shadowdale and Phlan play that role very well.
Golothaer also has mounts (mountable lizards), which can be mounted, but not ridden...

This is what some experimentation (together with Zax) showed: the mounts will accept to move only into outdoors rooms, and every room in Golothaer is marked as indoors. In other towns, stables tend to be marked as indoors but adjacent to an outddors room, so you can mount a horse and ride out, but not back in (which is kind of strange as well, really).

Possible solutions:
- place a mountable lizard in Golothaer next to the cave exit, and also remove its random movement (currently they move randomly "indoors" when not mounted, but refuse to budge when mounted)
- make the mounted lizards capable of also been ridden indoors (that would of course make them superior to horses)
- add some other kind of flag to tunnels that are not really "indoors" (they're spacious and rideable) nor "outdoors" (they're not affected by outside weather)
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Re: Mounts at Golothaer cannot be ridden

Postby Maxum » Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:22 am

This entire zone has now been flagged as 'underground' which is probably what it should have been.
The incorrect indoor flags will be removed from inappropriate rooms and updated once finished.

Good spotting!
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