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Druid GM at Phlan not working

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Druid GM at Phlan not working

Postby Dalker » Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:34 pm

There's an npc on a grove at the east of Phlan that acts correctly as the Ranger GM, which corresponds to his description in the room.
When he speaks, he appears as both Druid and Ranger GM, so presumably he's also supposed to be a Druid GM - but he isn't.

Tried: study with druid/ranger shows only ranger skills/spells; study with druid/non-ranger asks to "find your own GM" or somesuch.
Assumption: npc is buggy because it tries to be two types of GM at once at that doesn't work for some reason codewise.
Suggested solution: Add another character in an adjacent room (e.g. add two extra outdoor rooms in the same area, one where local squirrels, etc.. can still walk around, another with a proper Druid GM).

Is a Druid GM really needed in (or very close to) Phlan? Definitely yes. Phlan is the racetown of half-elves, which are the only race able to multi-class druids, so they definitely need a Druid GM.
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Re: Druid GM at Phlan not working

Postby Zax » Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:34 pm

I took a quick look at this and it appears the code does not currently support multi-class GMs. I'll leave it to Maxum if we want to change the code to allow this. If so, I'll take a shot at implementing it. Otherwise, yeah, someone who knows how to do so (I don't) will need to build a new Druid GM for Civilized Phlan.
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Re: Druid GM at Phlan not working

Postby Maxum » Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:22 am

A new Druid GM has been added to the zone.
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