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Negative Gold

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Negative Gold

Postby Brennor » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:10 am

Just found this one today. Went to join a guild, but didn't know how much it cost. Cost was 10000gp, and I had 4454gp on me. I went negative afterwards.

Code: Select all
(92/92) (304/304) (193467) (4454gp) Spells:Y C:*/*>
join guild
[The Accountant] tells you 'You cannot seem to afford the dues.  Obviously you are not skilled
enough at the arts. Begone!'
You give 10000 gold coins to The Accountant.
The Accountant draws a rune covered blade from a jeweled sheath.
A rune covered blade flashes in bright flames and glows white hot.
You hear the faint mumbling of arcane syllables and your vision becomes
blurry.  Suddenly a sharp pain shoots through your neck and your world
turns to darkness...

(92/92) (304/304) (193467) (-5546gp) Spells:Y C:*/*>

I'm pretty sure The Accountant gave me the access anyways, even though I didn't have enough gold.
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Re: Negative Gold

Postby Zax » Wed Oct 17, 2018 5:06 am

This bug has been fixed in latest port.

16 Oct 2018
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