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Postby Zax » Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:31 pm

Below is a glossary of terms and abbreviations you might encounter while playing. This can be found in "help glossary" while playing the game:

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:(          : A sideways frowny face.
:)          : A sideways smiley face.
:/          : A sideways smirk.
:|          : An indifferent sideways face.
:}          : A smiley face in the style of David, the Human Tank.
:P          : Sticking his tongue out!
;)          : A wink.
AC          : Armor Class, a number between -100 and 100 that determines
              how hard (or easy) a character is to hit.  See "help armor
              class" for more details.
Adept       : The rank of a Player Character from levels of 41 to 50.
AFK         : Away From Keyboard.
AKA         : Also Known As
Align       : Alignment, a scale from -1000 (really evil) to 1000 (really
              good). See  "help alignment".
Arena       : A competition allowing Players to fight each other without
              the risk of losing experience, gold, or equipment.  See
              "help arena" for more details.
ASAP        : As Soon As Possible.
Astral      : Both a separate zone on the MUD with shortcut connections
              to other zones as well as an alternate method of
              transportation. See "help spell astral walk"
Auction     : A form of communications used solely to buy/sell items
              within a zone.  See "help auction"
Auth        : Authorization that may be required by immortals when a new character
              attempts to log in to the MUD.
BAMF        : The message an Immortal displays when entering or leaving a
Ban         : An Immortal command by which a particular address is denied
              access to the MUD.
Ba          : Abbreviation for Barbarian. See help "barbarian".
Bb          : Abbreviation for blade barrier. See "help spell blade barrrier"
Barb        : Short for Barbarian. See "help barbarian"
Bash        : A warrior skill which allows the warrior to knock his/her
              opponent to the ground, sometimes preventing the opponent
              from using special skills.  Also, a bashed opponent takes
              1.5 times the normal damage while down.  See "help bash" for
Behead      : To slice the head from the corpse of your latest victim.
              See "help behead" for more information.
BRB         : Be Right Back.
BRT         : Be Right There.
BTW         : By The Way.
Cap         : Capping, Capper, one who joins a group to raise the maximum
              amount of experience gained per kill.  See also "help cap"
              and "help exp"
Char        : Short for "Character", usually referencing a Player
              Character (PC)
Chr         : Charisma. See also "help stat"
Chump       : The rank of a player character from levels of 11 to 20.
Cl          : Abbreviation for Cleric. See "help cleric"
Class       : One of the various professions PCs can pursue.
              e.g. Mage, Cleric, Warrior, etc.
Code Change : A change in the MUD's programming.
Code        : The program that _is_ the MUD.
Con         : Constitution. See also "help stat"
Corpse Looting  : See Corpse Stealing.
Corpse Stealing : Two meanings: #1 The taking of gold or equipment from
                  the corpse of a Player Character.  #2 The taking of gold
                  or equipment from the corpse of a Non-Player Character
                  that you did not kill.
Crash       : The MUD server goes down unexpectedly for any number of
Deaf        : Deafen, a command that stops you from hearing shouts.
              See "help deafen"
De-init     : The process by which a zone shuts down when no PCs are in it.
              This allows the zone to reset all equipment and mobs.
Dex         : Dexterity. See also "help stat"
Dirs        : DirectionS - A list of North/South/East/West/Up/Down
              directions from start point to end point.
Discon      : Disconnect.  When a Player Character loses his/her
              connection to the MUD, it sometimes takes the MUD a little
              while to realize the player is not really there.. hence the
              "Already playing, cannot connect" message. The Player may
              log in with  another character and ask an immortal for a
              disconnect.   I.e. "gossip May I have a discon for Elminster
              please?"  Please read "help rules" with regards to multi-
              playing, and remember to use the "who -g" command to check
              for gods before you complain about not getting your discon.
Dr          : Abbreviation for Druid. See "help druid".
Drain       : An evil practice that drains levels for the victim. Most
              often performed by the undead. See "help spell energy drain"
              for details.
Drow        : A race of elves that live beneath the skin of the earth.
              Also known as Dark Elves.
DT          : Death Trap, upon entering a DT room, you die.  You do not
              lose experience, only all of the equipment and gold that
              you have with you.
Emote       : A command used for interaction with other Players.  See
              "help socials" and "help emote" for details.
Eq          : Equipment, such as weapons and armor, carried by Non-Player
              Characters and/or Player Characters.
EXP         : Experience, see also "help exp"
Expert      : The rank of a Player Character from levels of 31 to 40.
Fireshield  : A spell that surrounds a player with a flames.  See "help
              spell fireshield"
Freeze      : An Immortal command by which a Player Character is denied
              access to any commands, usually as a form of punishment.
FS          : A spell that surrounds a player with a flames.  See "help
              spell fireshield"
Gain        : To raise a level.  See also "help gain".
God         : An Immortal in the realm of GNSmud.  See "help immortal"
              for more information.
GM          : Guild Master, where a Player Character goes to learn skills
              and gain levels.
Goss        : Gossip, a form of communications.  See "help gossip"
Green Newbie: A person who is new to GNSmud or new to MUDding in
Group       : When 2 or more Player Characters join forces.  See also
              "help group".
Head Hunt   : A Head Hunt is a contest in which Players race off to kill
              and behead Non-Player Characters in an attempt to spell a
              word or phrase with the heads.  See "help headhunt" for more
HG          : Half Giant, a race very large humanoids.  See "help half
HND         : Hit and Damage, most often refers to a weapon's statistics.
HP          : Hit Points, a measurement of the amount of damage a Player
              Character or a Non-Player Character can sustain.
Huge        : Huge Non-Player Characters (Mobs) can only be bashed by
              Half-Giant Player Characters.
IMHO        : In My Humble Opinion.
Immortal    : One of the many helpful people that keep the MUD up and
              running smoothly (i.e. the MUD Admins).
Init        : To initialize (or start up) a zone by walking into it for
              the first time after a reboot, crash, or zoneclear.
Int         : Intelligence. See "help stat"
Invis       : Invisibility, see "help spell invisibility"
J/K         : Just Kidding.
Kill Steal  : To rush in and kill a Non Playing Character that another
              Player is already fighting it, or getting prepared to fight
Lag Beast   : A mythical beast that once slowed the entire realm, the Lag
              Beast is now a thing of the past.
Lag         : The delay between entering a command to the MUD, and
              receiving a response from the MUD.  Please don't shout or
              gossip about it.
Level       : Current level of experience, or to gain a level of
              experience. See also "help level" & "help levels",
Limited     : When an item is limited there is a maximum number of them
              allowed in existence at any given time.
LOL         : Laughing Out Loud.
Ma          : Abbreviation for Mage. See "help mage".
Mana        : Units of magical power.  See also "help mana".
Medium      : The rank of a Player Character from levels of 21 to 30.
Mo          : Abbreviation for Monk. See "help monk".
Mob         : Short for "Mobile" which is a Non-Player Character (NPC)
Mu          : Magic User, also known as Mage, see "help mage"
MUD         : Multi User Dungeon (or Dimension), also a verb: "I will MUD
              all night long!"
Multi Playing : When one person connects to the MUD with more than one
                Player Character.  This is generally against the rules.
                Please see "help rules" for more details.
Mv          : Movement, also known as stamina.  See "help moves"
NP (or N/P) : No Problem
Newbie Ban  : Players from a particular site or address are no long
              allowed to create new characters.
Newbie      : The rank of a Player Character from levels of 1 to 10.
Noshouted   : When a Player Character abuses his ability to shout, an
              immortal may decide to "Noshout" him/her for a length of
              time as a punishment.
NPC         : Non-Player Character, a character controlled by the MUD.
              These are the monsters, shopkeepers, etc.
Nuke        : An Immortal command by which a Player Character is deleted
              from the game.
Pa          : Abbreviation for Paladin. See "help paladin".
PC          : Player Character, a character controlled by a human (with
              the exception of Seth)
PG          : The legendary Poison Giant, who sometimes stomps through
              Shadowdale willage, leaving a trail of scraps and bodies
              in his wake.
Pkilling    : Player Killing is not allowed on this MUD unless it is
              within the bounds of the Arena.  See "help arena" for
PM          : Port Mir, a zone in the realm. See also, glossary entry for
Poly        : Refers to the spell Polymorph Self. See "help spelly poly".
Port        : Portal, an alternate mode of transportation.  See also
                "help spell portal" and "help portal"
Pray         : A way for you to communication with the Immortals on a
               spiritual level.  See "help pray".
Proc         : Short for Procedure or Process, special coding that gives
               certain Non-Player Characters their special attacks and/or
Ps (or Psi)  : Psionist. See "help psionist".
Ra           : Ranger, see "help ranger".
Rare         : A limited item that that is flagged to count against the
               number of of rare items a PC may rent with. This is to
               prevent PCs from hoarding especially desirable limited items.
               See "help rent" for more details.
Reboot       : The MUD server is taken down and restarted for any number
               of reasons.
Reimb        : Reimbursement, usually of equipment or experience points.
               It doesn't happen often, but it's talked about a lot.
Rent         : The process of leaving the game, or the amount of gold
               required per day to keep a rare item.  See also "help
               rent", "help inn", "help quit", and "help save".
RL           : Real Life, the MUD's greatest enemy!
ROFL         : Rolling On the Floor Laughing.
Room         : A specific location on the MUD and the basic building block
               of zones.
ROTFL        : Rolling On The Floor Laughing.
Sanc         : Sanctuary, a cleric spell of protection.  See "help spell
Scrap        : When an item or other piece of equipment is damaged beyond
               repair, it will "Fall to the ground in scraps."  Many
               spells may scrap equipment, as well as several different
               types of  attack.
Scry         : A Psionist skill allowing them to see great distances.
               See "help scry"
SD           : Shadowdale, a zone in the realm. See also, glossary entry
               for "Zone".
send         : A simple way of communicating privately across long
               distances, see "help send" for details. See also "help
               telep" and "help messenger".
SF           : Spellfail (see the glossary entrry for Spellfail).
Shout        : A form of communications. See "help shout"
Shang        : Shangri-La, a zone in the realm. See also, glossary entry
               for "Zone".
Sorc         : Sorcerer. See "help sorcerer".
Spam         : Repeated shouts, gossips, tells, auctions, emotes, or
               actions designed to fill up other players screens rapidly
               with worthless text.
Spam-Walk    : Using a MUD Client or other program to issue a long string
               of directions to the MUD at once.
Speed-Walk   : Using a MUD Client or other program to issue a long string
               of directions to the MUD at once.
Spellfail    : Relates to the chance to succesfully cast a spell. Some
               equipment, when worn, affects your chance of spell failure.
               Negative SF (eg. -5SF) lowers your chance of failure (thus
               raising your chance of success).
Stat Hunting : The practice of repeatedly creating and deleting a
               character (regardless of the name of the character) in an
               attempt to get higher statistics.  See also "help stat".
Stats        : Statistics, commonly refers to a Player Character's
               attributes.  See also "help stat" and "help attrib".
Str          : Strength. See "help stat" and "help strength".
Tank         : Refers to the member in a group (usually a fighter class)
               who initiates combate and bears the brunt of damage.
Taxi         : An term referring to the use of psionists as
               transportation devices.  See also the glossary entry
Telep        : A simple way of communicating privately across long
               distances,see "help telepathy" for details. See also "help
               messenger", "help sending".
Th           : Abbreviation for Thief. See "help thief".
Tick         : An hour of MUD time.  See also "help time"
Track        : A skill that allows some classes to follow the trail of
               whatever they are trying to find.  See "help track" for
               more details.
TS           : True Sight, a spell.  See also "help spell true sight".
w/o          : Without.
Wa           : Abbreviation for Warrior. See "help warrior".
Wis          : Wisdom. See "help stat"
XP           : Experience, see also "help exp"
Zone Clear   : The process by which a high ranking immortal cleans out and
               restarts every zone in the game. See also, glossary entry
               for "Zone".
Zone         : A particular area of the MUD, e.g. Shadowdale village. Zones
               consist of a collection of rooms. The MUD consists of a
               collections of zones (200 or os) all interconnected. See
               "help zones" and "help whoz".
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