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Postby Zax » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:03 am

Stats determine you most basic physical and mental abilities. Stats range from 3-18 in most cases, with some going higher for some races. Your stats are set during Character Creation (see separate post on this in this forum).

You will be able to see your actual stats when you reach level 10, using the attributes ("att") command.

Here's some basic info on stats:

Strength (STR):
Determines how much you can carry, how heavy of a
weapon you can wield, and, if high enough, gives a bonus to
hit and to damage. (See: Help Strength)

Dexterity (DEX):
Gives a bonus to armor class if high enough. (See Help Armor).
Also helps with some skills, including backstab, dual wield, dodge,
and bash.

Constitution (CON):
Gives a bonus to HP gains for warrior types if high enough.
Helps with saving throws for some races. Determines how
many times you can be resurrected or reincarnated.
(If you die you lose experience, unless you are resurrected or
reincarnated. If you are resurrected or reincarnated you
lose no experience, but you do lose 1 point of con.)

Intelligence: (INT)
Gives a bonus to Mana gains if high enough. Determines
how quickly you learn skills. Gives number of languages
that can be learned.

Wisdom (WIS):
Helps with magical saves if high enough. Affects number of
study sessions gained at each level. Helps with mana regen.

Determines prices in shops. Determines maximum number of
non-player followers that can be collected using monsum, etc.
(See Help Allies)
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Re: Stats

Postby Dell » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:41 am

help stength wrote:STR +HIT +DAM
16 0 1
17 1 1
18/00 1 2
18/01-18/50 1 3
18/51-18/75 2 3
18/76-18/90 2 4
18/91-18/99 2 5
18/100 3 6
19 3 7

Note that only human fighter classes can have 18xx additional strength modifiers.
Other races go straight from 18 to 19 if racial maxes allow.

Half giants, orcs and trolls have 19 as racial max, and Giants have 20, The most have 18 as max, and a few even lower.

Edited for accuracy.
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