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Postby Zax » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:48 am

You can buy and sell stuff at merchant locations. Here's some tips on getting a good deal:

1) To see what a merchant has for sale, type "list"

2) To buy an item from him, type "buy <item>"

3) If he has mutiple items of similar names (like healing potion and extra healing potion) type "buy x.<item>" to buy the xth such item in his list. For example, type "buy 2.heal" to buy the extra healing potion.

4) To buy multiples of the same item, type "buy x*<item>". For example, "buy 9*bread" will get you 9 breads.

5) To sell an item to a merchant, type "sell <item>". Be warned though, mechants are picky in what they'll buy. First of all, the item must be something the merchant is interested in. An armorer is not likely to buy a potion from you. Secondly, the item needs to be high enough in quality to interest the merchant. Again, an armorer may not be interested in buying starter gear.

6) If you want to see what the merchant will pay for an item before you sell it, use the evaluate command by typing "eval <item>" and the merchant will make you his best offer.

7) Prices that you pay for an item and the amount a merchant will pay you to buy your items are affected by your Charsima. The higher your charisma, the better deal you will get. So it's a good idea to wear some +CHR gear when you trade with merchants.

Good luck in your trades...

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