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Postby Zax » Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:46 pm

Grouping is a powerful strategy for adventuring. You should try to group when ever possible when you are out hunting for experience. Here's some tips on how to form a group and how to act as group:

1) To form a group, a leader must be chosen and others in the group must follow him by typing "follow <leader>"

2) The leader then forms the group by typing "group all".

3) You can now see your group listed under "gwho". (Type "gwho".)

4) You can see who is in the group and their condition by typing "group".

5) Members of the group can talk to each other using Gtell. Just type "gt <message>" and everyone in the group will hear the message. This works no matter how far apart members of the group might be separated. For example, as group you may want to separate to go get various supplies. Every member in the group can go to different far away zones and still talk with the group as whole using Gtell.

6) When the leader move, every group member in room with the leader at that time, (who is also standing at the time, sitting or resting group members will get left behind) auto-follows the leader. You do not have to type any movement command to follow the leader. (Note: this is only true for rooms with normal exits. If the leader enters a portal or astral pool, each follow will have to enter the portal/pool on his own.)

7) Any follower may independently move in a different direction than the leader, if he/she chooses to do so and still remain in the group.

8) If the group leader wants to move without any group members following him as he moves, he can either ask all the followers in the room to sit or he can just "run" in a given direction and leave the followers behind.

9) To leave the group, a follower need only "unfollow <leader>" or "follow self".

10) A leader may kick someone out of the group by typing "group <followername>. (This is actually a toggle command. If the player is a member of the group, this will kick him out. If the player is not yet a member of the group, it will add him to the group.)

11) To set a new leader of the group, the leader can type "promote <playername>". (This even works to promote a player who is not yet a member of the group to be leader of the group.)

For more info on grouping and the benefits of grouping, check out "help group" in the in-game help files.
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